Do you work for Uber or UberEats and live in the UK or the EEA (European Economic Area)?

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claim your data from Uber

If you are an Uber driver or Uber Eats courier please sign up and join a collective legal request for data and for an explanation of Uber's algorithmic management. Experience shows when Uber drivers request the data individually, Uber blocks and delays the process before giving incomplete data. We've partnered with Worker Info Exchange and Ekker Legal in Amsterdam to arrange one massive request on behalf of many drivers. This way we can make sure Uber obeys the law, respects your rights and treats everyone fairly. You will eventually receive the data directly from Uber but we will be there to help you and your local union to analyse it and make sure it is complete. There is no cost to you. You can even make a request if you no longer work for Uber or were deactivated. Let's all work together and build our collective power. Digital rights are worker rights!

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