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We aim to represent all UK private hire drivers & couriers in the UK. We are honest and hard working people who are often badly treated by employers and the regulators.

With a strong collective voice we will be hea
rd, we will demand change and will make a better future for all private hire drivers.

Our industry is changing rapidly but drivers have a weak voice. Our incomes are in crisis with drivers falling below the poverty line as global corporations move in to exploit drivers at an unprecedented scale.

Our regulators do nothing to protect and seem intent on discrimination and making operating conditions more difficult than ever before. The human cost is great with many families under severe strain, absent parents working 90 hours a week and debt levels rising.

We say enough is enough.


The founders of ADCU have a track record of helping drivers since 2013. ADCU President Yaseen Aslam and ADCU General Secretary James Farrar founded United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD) in 2015 after they launched an ambitious legal campaign against Uber for Workers Rights. In 2017, they affiliated with the IWGB but in February 2020, the IWGB private hire branch national executive committee voted unanimously to disaffiliate from the IWGB and resume independent status once again.

In July 2020, the rebranded App Drivers & Couriers Union was registered officially as a trade union by the Certification Office. Our new brand recognises the growing prominence of digitally mediated work in our industry and the integration between passenger services and delivery of goods.

Also in July 2020, we took our battle against Uber to the UK Supreme Court - the highest court in the land - to once again face an appeal from Uber against our 2016 worker rights victory.

This was to prove that Uber drivers in London were not simply self-employed, but instead were workers who are entitled to basic rights like the minimum wage and holiday pay.

The community of activists within the ADCU has been been battling with operators and licensing authorities across the UK and standing up for drivers for years. We are made up of some of the most, amazing natural grassroots organisers and change makers.

Azeem Hanif is ADCU Chair in Nottingham, Habib Afsar who's the chair for Birmingham, Shaf Shah the Chair for Northampton and many more leaders in each cities, you can find more on our National Executive Committee here.

We organised the first massive UK wide strike (#UStrike) against Uber in 2018 when we were at IWGB trade union. This year, ADCU officials were the initiator of an international organisation for app workers, called the International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers (IAATW), where drivers from over 23 countries attended in Oxford for the first ever convening of app based transport workers. ADCU are actively involves with international alliance of app-based transport workers (IAATW).


Our demands of the Operator (i.e. Uber, Addison Lee, etc.)

Our demands of the Licensing Authority or Regulator (i.e. City Councils, Transport for London)

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