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Huge victory today against TfL in Uber robo-firing case for private hire driver
Bolt Protest #BoltStrike kicking off now
Bolt 24 hours Strike and Protest Tuesday at 11am. The first major gig economy strike BoltStrike
ADCU Go-Slow protest in Glasgow to highlight lack of support for city drivers
Another win today at Magistrates Court, Uber Driver gets his Private Hire license back from TfL.
Live from Bolt office in London - Demo on 22 June at 11am
TfL Licensing cases at Magistrates court 1 June 2020
GMB Union and Uber deal
Uber driver wins back his TfL license at City of London Magistrates Court
Court tells Uber to reinstate five UK drivers sacked by automated process
ADCU April 2021 Update and discussing Uber Compensation Portal
Organising Amazon Workers
Uber compensation announcement update
BBC Nick Sits In: New deal for Uber drivers
Statement on Uber pay offer
First judgment in the world that requires an explanation of a fully automated decision
Yaseen, James and Zamir in Conversation
Live session with Keller Lenkner
Update on supreme court (20 Feb 2021)
Bolt driver murdered, Heathrow update and Uber Supreme Court
James Farrar ADCU General Secretary speaking to drivers at meeting
ADCU - End of Year 2020 Review