Tuesday, September 28th

The ADCU has called for a 24 hour STRIKE against Uber on Sep 28th starting at a minute past midnight until Midnight.

We will be staging demos up and down the UK in multiple cities at 1PM.

Keep up to date with developments about the strike and the protests on this page, which will be updated whenever new news becomes available. Bookmark the page and share it on your social media channels.

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Aston Cross Business Park, Ground Floor, Fazeley House, 50 Rocky Ln, Birmingham B6 5RQ

The Coach house, Uber, Upper York St, Bristol BS2 8QN

The Pentagon Centre, BizSpace, 36 Washington St, Glasgow G3 8AZ

Unit 58, Flexspace, Burley Road, Leeds LS4 2PU

Uber Greenlight Hub London, Beaufort House, 15 St Botolph St, London EC3A 7DT

Building 4, Devonshire St North, Manchester M12 6JH

Unit C, King Edward Court, Nottingham NG1 1EL

Spaces Acero, 1 Concourse Way, Sheffield S1 2BJ


24/09/2021, 6pm: Digital AdVans hit the streets of London spreading the message that Uber Drivers are striking on Sep 28 and urging customers not to use the Uber service.

24/09/2021, 1am: ADCU issue a national press release on the calling the national strike and demos in 8 cities. Read the release here.

23/09/2021, 3pm: ADCU Glasgow Chair adds voice to the calls for Uber drivers to switch off their app on September 28th and asks passengers to respect the digital picket line - "We are on Strike".

22/09/2021, 8pm: James Farrar, Yaseen Aslam, Zamir Dreni and Mehmet Tunc of the ADCU address drivers with a live video update on the 8 city demos and national #Uberstrike.

21/09/2021, 8pm: Leeds confirms they will stage demo becoming the 8th confirmed city to join our national campaign.

21/09/2021, 3PM: A Solidarity message was sent out from The Rideshare Professor asking all drivers globally to join the ADCU strike and demos against Uber. Uber drivers in Bangladesh, France and Canada have confirmed they are also striking on 28th September. The strike goes global.

20/09/2021, 8pm: ADCU announces TWO more cities to join the strike and demos against Uber on September 28th. Members mobilising in Bristol & Sheffield!

19/09/2021, 5pm: ADCU release a statement to the public:

"On September 28, 2021, the ADCU will stage a 24-hour national strike against Uber over poor pay and conditions, unfair dismissals, and failure to implement the UK Supreme Court ruling.

Please Support the strike by not booking the service and by making alternative travel arrangements on September 28th.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please share this message."

19/09/2021, 9pm: Manchester joins as the fifth city on ADCU's strike demo list for September 28th.

16/09/2021, 10pm: BREAKING - Tonight the ADCU National Executive Committee voted to stage a national 24 hour strike against Uber on September 28th from 00:01. Drivers - do not log on during 24 hours of September 28th. Passengers - do not cross the digital picket line & do not book the service on September 28th.  #UberStrike. London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham announce they will stage demos at 1pm on the 28th September.